A short and sweet introduction!

7 Jan

Hey everybody!

My name is Leanne McDonald, and until we meet next week in class, here is a short introduction!  I am a fourth year Arts Education student.  My major is visual art and my minor is literature.  I completed the first half of my pre-internship last semester in a Grade Two classroom at Davison Elementary school in Melville.  It was awesome actually being hands-on in the classroom with the kids, I learned an unbeleivable amount from my cooperating teacher, and it was just so much fun!  I am about to begin the second half of my pre-internship in a highschool classroom this semester!  I’m super excited but also starting to get a little nervous! 

I’ve lived in Regina for my entire 22 year existence, and just moved out of my parents’ house for the first time!  I live in an apartment with my better half, Jordan, and our cat, Kobe.  My place is a five minute walk away from my parents’ house, proving quite convenient at meal times…  I have two younger brothers that are in highschool.  Graham is in grade twelve, and Aidan is in grade nine. 

I work at Bp’s South in the lounge, and have worked there for almost eight years now!  In my spare time I love to do basically any type of art.  I also love music.  I can play the flute, a little piano, and a little guitar. My younger brother is helping me learn a new song for my guitar, so I’ll let you guys know if there’s any progress. 

I have always been exposed to technology because my dad is a computer guy, but I am quite challenged with it myself.  Just setting up this blog took me an embarrassingly long time, but I’m optimistic!  Technology is totally the language of our youth, and I feel like it needs to be integrated heavily into our classrooms. 

The school that I was teaching at in Melville was fortunate enough to have smartboards in every classroom.  I had never used a smartboard before going to Melville, but now that I have I wish that every classroom could have one!  My grade two classroom used the smartboard to do all of their morning routines, play games, do math, watch videos, amongst a number of other things- so cool!  

This semester I want to become more knowledgable and comfortable with technology I can use in the classroom.  I really like the idea of having a class blog, this would be a great tool to share art work with other classes!  There are lots of things that I would like to be able to do with my students, and I hope that this class gives me a good starting point.  

Look forward to meeting you all next week, bye for now!